Uniontown Bridal Association
Bed and Breakfast
The Cottage at JK Farm
Treat your out-of-town guests to a relaxing stay on the farm!

 -Sleeps 10+
 -3 Bedrooms
 -3 Full Bathrooms
 -Fire Pit
 -Outdoor Shower

Also consider The Cottage for:
  -Small Wedding Venue*
  -Bachelorette Party
  -Bachelor Party
  -Rehearsal Dinner
  -Wedding Day Prep
  -Wedding Night

   * Additional fees may apply.

The Cottage is located on a 145 acre working
farm. Your guests will enjoy the peaceful
setting - they may not want to leave!

For Reservations:
Phone: 724-569-1021 or E-mail: thejkfarm@yahoo.com

Please visit our web site at:  www.thejkfarm.com

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