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Body Slimming and Nutritional Supplements

We provide whole food nutritional supplements that promote cleansing and detoxification, alkalizing and regeneration/restoration of body systems. We also supply a growing amount of the general population with our buzzworthy skincare and anti-aging product line.

A huge hit in Hollywood, our Ultimate Body Applicator is a cloth formulated with all natural ingredients that generates sustainable results in 45 minutes while tightening, toning, and firming the targeted area.

What is a Wrap ?
An exclusive new treatment used by incredible women all over the world to get slim.
Do they really work?
Heck ya! but, they're NOT magic. Our wraps were designed to be a slimming, anti-cellulite treatment that works to make you TIGHTER & MORE TONED.

So, here's the deal.
Most ladies WILL see results from these wraps within one hour. (perfect for home parties) BUT they're NOT meant to be a substitute for healthy eating habits or exercise... that would be flat-out silly.

Our wraps are meant to tighten, tone, and firm those annoying, fat-prone areas that just won't go away on their own.

Where can I put my wrap?
Anywhere... (well, almost anywhere)

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Private Consultation / Party

   Call or e-mail today to schedule your private consultation / party:

      Phone:  724.322.8121

      E-mail:  colcam@atlanticbb.net


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